Desert Meihan 3

Let me begin with this, I don’t think I’ve ever shot an event like Desert Meihan. What I loved about shooting last year was the chance to travel to so many different tracks around the country and experience the huge variety of local events. Desert Meihan takes place in Chandler, Arizona, at the Bob Bondurant High Performance Driving School. I’ve shot there a few times, but surprisingly not that much considering I live in southern California. With the event being one of the last ones I could attend in 2019 though, I couldn’t resist the chance to go.

I went to the first Desert Meihan event back in 2017, but at the time was only able to be present for one afternoon. This year, we made it a point to be around for both days of driving, so I could try to shoot and stream as much as possible.

Now, I began with saying I’ve never shot an event like this before, and honestly it has everything to do with that wall. There’s something truly exhilarating in standing behind the k-rail and shooting cars as they try to get as close to you as possible (sorry, mom). If you watched any of this on my Twitch channel, I think you know the feeling. This event was such a unique experience to share on stream because of how close I could bring viewers to the action, and the driving was practically nonstop throughout both days. The only regret I have is not trying to get a ride myself, but there’s always next time! 🙂