Drift Week 2

I remember seeing posts from the first Drift Week back in 2019 and thinking about how much that was exactly where I wanted to be. Street driving drift cars across the country to each destination, a packed schedule of private track days… how could I not want to shoot that? So when my friend Sara Haro asked if I wanted to ride with her just three weeks before Drift Week 2 started, I jumped at the opportunity.

Drift Week 2 fell right between Formula Drift Texas and Formula Drift Irwindale, like literally between. I flew to Texas, shot Formula Drift Pro and Pro 2, edited throughout the weekend to ensure I finished my work, flew home on a Monday and flew to Phoenix, Arizona, to meet up with Sara and begin our two week adventure.

Drift Week 2 was two weeks completely packed with track days and travel days. With six tracks and eight track days spread out through Arizona to Florida, it was two weeks of little sleep and a ton of shooting. I love traveling to different places and shooting at tracks I’ve never been to before because I always feel that it pushes me to new creative limits. I have to figure out what I want and how I want to shoot it while still learning the layout, what works and what doesn’t, in a completely new environment. It’s always a fun challenge for me.

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. This pushed me well beyond my comfort zone, while I’ve worked to be less shy, the idea of meeting so many new people terrifies me. At the beginning of the trip, I didn’t know that many people, but by the end, I had made so many new friends. I think that will always be my favorite thing about drifting, I’ve met so many people from all over the world and while we have our differences in life and experiences, we have something that ties us together — the love of doing absolutely stupid shit with our cars.

Enjoy my galleries from the trip below! I’ve separated each by track. This was an incredible opportunity and I hope I get to experience something like this again one day.