Final Bout Gallery 2019

Final Bout is one of those events that I think basically anyone that is into drifting puts on their bucket list. It certainly has been on mine for years, and this year I finally got the opportunity to go shoot it!

Being from southern California, there are a lot of events that happen around the country that I’ve never been able to make it out to, especially those in the Midwest. In fact, there are a lot of places in the Midwest I’ve just never been to in general. Throughout the years, I’ve driven through many states on my way to various Formula Drift events, but I’ve never been to Wisconsin. So you can imagine my delight when I realized I would get the chance to go to Final Bout in Shawano, Wisconsin at USAIR Motorsports Raceway.

The track itself was beautiful. Between the elevation changes, the trees, and the flowers, I couldn’t help but fall in love. I think the flowers were my favorite part, I honestly could not get enough of them.

I was worried I had over-hyped Final Bout in my mind, that it would be a let down, but it wasn’t. The cars looked amazing, the driving was amazing…it was an all around fantastic time. I hate how long it’s taken for me to be able to make it out to a Final Bout event, but I’m SO happy I finally did make it, and can’t wait to go to another one.