Jimmy Up Matsuri 2020

It’s been a strange set of months since the time I was able to shoot an event. I spent the remainder of March plus April and May mostly in isolation, as many others have, due to Covid-19 and stay at home orders. Seeing few friends, picking up my camera very rarely, some days have been better than others. Typically, I spend this time of year traveling throughout the US, shooting different events, coming home for maybe one or two weeks, and heading out again. Instead, I sat at home and watched as event after event was cancelled or postponed. Watched my livelihood, and many others’ livelihoods, become completely disrupted. While I’ve been an anxious mess about my income, at the end of the day, I just really couldn’t wait to finally be out on track again. All I’ve wanted to do was shoot. So when I saw the Jimmy Up Matsuri event was happening the last weekend of May, I jumped at the chance to go.

Well, jumped might be an exaggeration. I’ve been taking social distancing guidelines very seriously, leaving my house rarely and going into stores even less. I was anxious to be at an event again, even with the limited number of people allowed to attend. I’ve never been good with crowds and have always had a, uh, decent level of anxiety with germs. I do think that isolation has increased my stress level when it comes to crowds, so leading up to the event, I was definitely worried.

However, once I was on track at Horse Thief Mile, it was a breath of fresh air. It was just me and my camera, doing what I love to do. I didn’t need to be around people, as much as I missed everyone. It was a perfect day, it wasn’t too hot, there were some clouds, there was wind. It was everything I needed to feel relieved again.

Thank you Jimmy Up for hosting this event and giving us all a chance to be out there again! This year has been difficult for us all, it was nice to have a moment of normalcy again.