Klutch Kickers 2020 Round 5

I went to the second round of Klutch Kickers back in March, before we were officially in a global pandemic, which feels surreal to say now. When I wrote about that round, I talked about returning home to everything being shut down. How strange it was to have attended two busy and crowded events in Florida and come back to LA to a different world, our new normal. I loved my time spent at Klutch Kickers and was eager to come back, so I made it a priority to make it to the final round of the season.

Of course, as it would happen, there was a hurricane projected to hit parts of the Gulf Coast during the final round. This set up some unpredictability for what kind of weather we would have at the track, but I anticipated rain and figured after the rain in Seattle, what’s a little more rain in Florida?

We had a lot of rain on Saturday, and I mean a lot. This caused delays throughout the day as drivers would go out to practice only to have the track flood from each wave of torrential downpour. Typically, Saturdays have practice sessions, qualifying, and a top 64 bracket. Due to the rain delays, top 64 was pushed to Sunday, setting the stage for a very packed competition day. While Saturday was rainy, we were graced with a beautiful, sunny and cloudy, rain-free Sunday. It was an incredibly packed schedule, running through top 64 to the finals that saw Kevin Lawrence take first place in both the final round and the series.

Klutch Kickers puts on a really great competition weekend with an incredible level of drivers competing. I often get asked why I would fly out from California to shoot an event in Florida, and the answer lies in my love for drifting and the community. I love to go anywhere around the country where I can tell the organization and the drivers love what they’re doing and believe in progressing and supporting the drift community. It was a great weekend to see friends I don’t see that often and just do what I love: shoot drifting.