Klutch Kickers 2021 Round 1

The first round of the 2021 Klutch Kickers season kicked off in March, and I flew out to Florida to shoot it! Perhaps the strangest thing about this round was that it took place almost exactly a year after the second round of 2020, the first KK event I ever shot. That trip was particularly interesting because in my timeline, that was when Covid-19 became more than just the thing I had read about on the news, and instead a very real pandemic that set us on lockdowns and quarantines. I remember being in Florida this same time last year, wondering if I would still be allowed to fly home. I have a difficult time grappling with my work while staying safe and healthy, it’s been a tough year balancing the two. It almost felt surreal to be back at the same event during the same time, because to me, so much has changed in one year.

I won’t dive into the specifics, because I think we all have experienced significant changes in the last year in one way or another. I was happy to be back at Klutch Kickers for the 2021 season. This is one of my favorite events to shoot because the competition is so unique while also extremely exciting. Seeing drivers from varying levels of experience to the varying levels of cars compete on one track is not something we see often.

I came out to this round to shoot for and support Eric Conkling, but of course I couldn’t help but shoot as much action as possible! My hope for the 2021 season is to be out there shooting every round, so I really can’t wait to see what the remainder of this year has in store for me! Enjoy my vlog and the gallery below. 🙂